2 in 1 fill valve

Universal fill valve

Whatever the water entry (side or bottom) on the cistern, this inlet valve can be quickly fitted thanks to its removable insert connexion

• Compact
• Hydraulic closure
• Telescopic
• Adjustable water level : setting range 80 mm
• Silent
• Anti-backflow function
• Removable connection insert : 1/2 or 3/8, brass or plastic
• Quick fitting
• Flow rate: 8l/min at 3 bars and 3.6l/min at 0.5 bars
• Pressure function range: from 0.5 to 10 bars

Set special renovation

OPTIMA 50 D6 flush valve + 2 in 1 fill valve

Whatever the actuating type (pull or push botton, single or double flush), or the connection water entry (side or bottom), this set makes possible the replacement of a large range of old fittings.