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of your toilets

Unique expertise

For many years, toilets were kept separate from the home and relegated to the bottom of the garden, but they are given a great deal of attention today. In the space of a few decades, the most intimate area of our lives has conquered its own space as a completely separate room.

For 70 years, SIAMP's name has been associated with the development of this space, and we have never stopped perfecting and improving the design, efficiency, comfort and functionality of our products, offering technological advances that are right for everyone, individuals and communities alike.

Water saving
Unique expertise that combines
hydraulic mechanics and artificial intelligence.
Toilet facilities account for approximately 20% of household water consumption in developed countries.
SIAMP’s flushing system offers water saving solutions that can be adapted to the demands and constraints of any market.
From its delayed opening and fill valve leak prevention system to the highly flexible adjustment of its flushing mechanisms, SIAMP takes a responsible approach to water saving, offering innovative, energy efficient solutions.
Fire safety
A unique, complete
fire protection solution.
Thanks to a unique, complete solution that prevents fires from spreading, SIAMP guarantees the secure fitting of suspended WCs. Our kit complies with legal requirements and is certified In & Out E190.
Solutions for people with reduced mobility
A complete range for the installation
of specially-adapted toilets.
To make homes and places that are open to the public accessible and adapted to people with reduced mobility, we offer a complete range that makes specially-adapted toilet installation possible. Whether it's a renovation or new building, wall-hung or on a load-bearing wall, our solutions make it possible to fit extended all-hung toilets, wall-hung washbasins and rails, as well as remote-controlled flushing.
Acoustic comfort
Acoustic comfort is one of the things we expect when it comes to toilets,
and we want them to be increasingly high-performing.
Acoustic comfort is one of the things we expect when it comes to toilets, and we want them to be increasingly high-performing.
SIAMP is well aware of these rising expectations and has made numerous innovations, offering ingenious, silent flushing systems. Evidence of this is our SIAMP Quieto fill valve, which is equipped with a unique noise-reducing system that splits up the inflow of water so that the cistern fills silently.
Ease of installation
Ease of installation and start-up are part of the efficiency of a system.
Ease of installation and start-up are part of the efficiency of a system. SIAMP became aware of these challenges very early on, and has produced solutions that ensure reliability and time savings. Our flushing mechanisms our extremely adaptable, whatever the constraints of the cistern may be: off-centre positioning enables adaptation to the cover, and self-adjusting operating buttons, height adjustment and a standardised drain that makes it possible to change the mechanism without uninstalling the cistern are all solutions that have enabled progress to be made in flushing systems. An adjustable structure, quick attachments with no cutting required, a reduced number of parts, an integrated spirit level, a maintenance window for the service duct, water connections in the cistern and fitting templates ... With our certified support frame solutions, installing wall-hung WCs has never been so easy.
Superior hygiene and easier servicing
Superior hygiene and easier servicing: SIAMP offers concealed systems and wall-hung toilet bowls that reduce corners, make cleaning simpler and promote perfect hygiene. Our contact-free flush plates also make it possible to avoid any contact with the flushing device, which is activated when the user leaves.
With our objective of total hygiene, we look for materials that make cleaning easier and block the proliferation of bacteria. These solutions are put into effect in our range of seat covers, among others.