Respect for water

and people

A global force in sanitary equipment: a role that requires commitment

Innovating to save water. Creating to optimise user comfort. Thinking by putting ourselves in our user’s shoes. Choosing well-being in the workplace. Making a commitment to the universalization of toilets. There can be no doubt that SIAMP’s founding vision is a sustainable one. Our approach has been validated and acknowledged by the most demanding initiatives in the sector.


Conceived to last,
designed to protect


People are the focus
of our attention


Our safety,
durability and service policy

Our products are conceived in response to the most stringent demands for resistance. Making systems and components last for as long as possible: this is what “sustainable” means first of all.

We also place our culture of innovation at the service of the sustainable development of our business activities. Our research overlooks no aspect of toilets: eco-design, hygiene, acoustic performance, user comfort, design and respect for water! Our new-generation Watertune WC is smart and autonomous, adjusting the amount of water required to a margin of almost 0.2 litres! Innovative technology at the service of eco-performance…

Well-being in the workplace is a major challenge in our society, and one that motivates us as a Group. In our eyes, a business is a powerful lever for transforming society. This means that we apply the same health and safety demands to all our manufacturing sites, in Monaco, Vietnam, Turkey and India. We are an independent family company that looks at the long-term, and people are the focus of our development strategy.

We have a sustainable development policy in effect at all our sites. Thanks to our sound international footprint, we can serve the interests of our customers as effectively as possible due to the proximity of the market and the optimal selection of our primary components. All our sites apply the same policy of safety, durability and service for our users and workers as well as for the environment.