A responsible industrial,

pioneer brand

SIAMP: An ambitious vision of sanitary.

SIAMP, specialists in sanitary equipment.

Founded in Monaco in 1947, SIAMP has been a specialist in sanitary equipment since the beginning. A pioneer in thermoplastic seat covers, a leader in toilet flushing systems and a frontrunner in “smart toilets”, the SIAMP brand has been at the service of toilets for over 70 years. 

An international presence:
With its presence in all five continents through its eight subsidiaries and six manufacturing facilities, SIAMP is a unique model. From studies to marketing, we develop products and solutions dedicated to toilets for the benefit of millions of users across the world. We are a family-run industrial company whose operations revolve around two ambitions:

> to innovate in response to the challenges of hygiene, well-being and respect for the environment throughout the world

> to position ourselves as a committed, responsible industry, part of the universalization of this most elementary piece of equipment, which more than one person out of seven still does not have.

Quality requirements:
Quality is a pillar of our brand. That’s why SIAMP is a partner to the biggest names in bathrooms and is, renowned to installers and distributors. All our products are designed and developed in line with the requirements of the most important international standards.
We put our flushing mechanisms through no fewer than 200,000 cycles, our seat covers are tested them to opening and closing cycles of 30,000, the metal ends of our fill valves endure 200 hours of salt spray test and our wall frames take a load of 400 kg …
Local and international standards and certifications of our products are at the heart of our development requirements, and include NF, Kiwa, WRAS, Watermark, SASO and NOM.
In addition to these international standards, SIAMP’s products are acknowledged by professionals for their durability and their performance over the course of time.