World Water Day

Since its earliest days, SIAMP has taken an environmental approach to every area, from design and manufacturing to
distribution. Water management has always been at the heart of this process, and we have developed systems that
encourage economies in the use of this precious resource.

Today, bathroom facilities account for around 20% of household water consumption, the equivalent of nearly 80 litres of drinking water every day. SIAMP’s flushing solutions make it possible to save water on a daily basis thanks to the high degree of flexibility of our water regulation and our delayed action opening case and anti-leak system.

The QUIETO OD inlet valve delays filling of the cistern while the outlet valve is still open. The inlet valve only opens when flushing has finished. This exclusive system makes if possible to save up to 5 litres of water a day (based on a family of four)

Watch our video about Quieto

The AQUASTOP inlet valve detects and blocks leaks, including those that might pass unnoticed. Effective from a
simple drop to a constant trickle, the AquaStop valve detects leaks and shuts off, preventing the cistern from filling. The absence of water in the cistern acts as a sign that there is a leakage issue in the mechanism. To fill the cistern again, the valve just needs to be reset while waiting for the mechanism to be replaced or serviced.

Watch our video about Aquastop

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